Macbook & Macbook Air and Macbook Pro Issues

Do you have a MacBook Issues ? MacBook Pro? iMac or vintage Mac PC? Have you at any point had an issue with your Mac and when you call around to perceive the amount Apple PC fix shops charge to fix it, they give you a cosmic statement? Possibly you’ve put aside your Mac PC until you have the assets to fix it, or maybe you may in any case be looking for an Apple PC auto shop that won’t charge you a little fortune. All things considered, we have uplifting news for you! Anything that we do here at Restore Computer Repair costs a $99.00 level expense for work. Indeed… this incorporates Mac PCs!

Half of the cases that we see with Mac PCs are programming issues, which fortunate for you, will just cost you $99.00 absolute. In the event that the issue with your Mac PC is an equipment issue, implying that you possibly would require a section in your Macbook issues PC supplanted, we would charge you our $99.00 level expense in addition to the cost of the part required. Underneath, I will list two or three normal issues we will in general observe with Mac PCs Apple Support.

These issues are things we could fix for you. Is it true that you are considering the amount it will cost you for a portion of these fixes? Release me over several these issues underneath to give you a point of view toward the amount they may cost.

MacBook/MacBook Pro not driving on?

One reason your Mac PC probably won’t power on is that you conceivably may have an issue with your motherboard. Here at Restore Computer Repair, we attempt to do all that we can to fix your Mac motherboard rather than supplanting it. By doing this, we attempt to spare you a conceivably huge measure of cash on another motherboard. On the off chance that your Mac motherboard can’t be fixed, we could trade it for you. Macintosh motherboards cost somewhere in the range of $99.00 to $699.00 contingent upon the year and model of your Mac PC.

MacBook/MacBook Pro/iMac running moderate?

On the off chance that your Mac PC is running moderate, you may require another hard drive. Acquire your Mac PC today and we can update your hard drive to a strong state hard drive. Overhauling your Mac with a strong state hard drive can truly accelerate your Mac and include new life. Thus, your Macbook issues PC could approach multiple times quicker than it was the point at which it was shiny new! On the off chance that you need to move up to a strong state hard drive, the costs run from $99 to $399, contingent upon the size of the drive.

Macbook/MacBook Pro screen issue?

Is your screen on your Mac PC dull or all dark? Or then again perhaps you’ve dropped your Mac and now have a split screen? Acquire your PC today and we can fix that for you. Moreover, costs of LCD screens for Mac PCs for the most part go from $99 to $599, contingent upon your year and model. Call us today with your year and model and we can give you a definite cost for your screen substitution.

In the event that you have any inquiries, or possibly you are having an issue with your Mac PC that I haven’t gone over right now, simply call us at 855-834-2053 and we would be glad to support you. I trust the data I’ve given you on Apple fixes has been useful! Be watching out for my next blog entry.

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