How To Find iTunes Customer Service Number 

iTunes Customer Service is your personal music playground where you get to enjoy and listen the artists, albums, and tracks that you already have. Here, you also get to explore new genres and buy new music to make your own personal music library full of pleasurable moments. Not only iTunes opens doors to great music, but also it gives you almost 85000 movies to choose from at any time anywhere. If you want to change the iTunes password or to reset it then there are number of ways to do it. While changing the password might be your preference to enhance the security updates or if the two-step verification is on that makes it difficult to access the iTunes from the iPhone or the iTunes then you would unarguably like to reset the new password and get access to the features of the iTunes Customer Service Phone Number

How to change iTunes Password?

  1. Open the iTunes by doing a click on the account menu at the top of the window and then select account
  2. Now sign in with the Apple Id. The iTunes ID is same as Apple ID
  3. Then do a click on the “Edit.” by doing a click on the Account information screen, and then locate the Apple ID, at the top of the section
  4. Now enter the new password and after verifying it, re-enter the password and then do a click on the done

How to change the iTunes Password in iOS ?

  1. Select the “Settings” option
  2. Then tap on the “iTunes and App stores.”
  3. Now at the iTunes and App Stores control panel, tap on the Apple ID button
  4. Now do a tap on the “iForgot” and then reset the new password

How to reset iTunes Password Using Recovery Email?

  1. Go to the and then select the option ‘Enter Your Apple Id.’
  2. Now Select Reset by email
  3. Enter the email address of the Apple Id and then to reset the password go to the reset link in the email and follow the password reset instructions.

How to reset iTunes Password Using Two-Step Verification?

  1. Visit the and then open the Safari on the iPad.
  2. Now select the Enter Your Apple ID option.
  3. Enter the email address and then do a click on the “Next”
  4. To verify for the account select the alternate devise to receive a verification number.
  5. Then type in the verification digits and then select “Next”
  6. Reset the iTunes Password

If you want to speak to the technical executive directly to fix the technical error you can contact the technical support team and you can ask queries related to the iTunes password change, iTunes password reset and how to resolve the iTunes Customer Service Number related technical error with a pertinent solution with unlimited iTunes password reset number

How Get 24*7 iTunes Customer Support Phone Number ?

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